Hair Tips

  1. Before installing hair, please remember to wash it in warm water first. You can choose to either co-wash or shampoo it.
  2. For extra softness and sheen, you should rinse out the conditioner with cold water.
  3. For the best results and to minimize the amount of heat put on the hair, it is recommended to air dry when hair after washing.
  4. You should co wash the hair at least once a week, and shampoo every other week.
  5. Always make sure to detangle for wetting the hair, to avoid further tangling.
  6. For curly textures, you can do a couple of large braids with oil before bedtime or you can simply detangle it, spray it with a bit of water, and go. This will keep the curls from getting too frizzy.
  7. It is recommended to purchase a frontal or closure with the curly textures, as they can be hard to blend with your natural hair.
  8. Please keep in mind that curly textures require more maintenance than the straight and body/loose wave.
  9. To minimize shedding, you should fold the wefts when installing, instead of cutting it.
  10. The hair should be colored by a professional to prevent it from being damaged. We are not responsible for the damages if you choose to color it yourself.



Recommended products:

Although you are welcome to use your own products, these are the product recommended to keep the hair soft and lustrous and to increase the longevity of the hair.

  • Tresemme products
  • Herbal Essence products
  • Silicon Mix
  • OGX products
  • To keep the hair from being weighed down, use minimal styling as the hair is already soft and shiny. You can use a small amount of a light oil such as the Argan Oil of Morocco by OGX